Flexible Task Graphs

Welcome to the Flexible Task Graphs web site.

Release 2.0.1 is now available. A change history is now being maintained on this site.

Slides from ECOOP 2009 tutorial on Flexible Task Graphs are now available.

All installations are via the Eclipse Update mechanism.

The Flexible Task Graphs system is described in the following paper, which provides an introduction to our work.

The Flexible Task Graphs open source project, far from reflecting "completed" work, is an active project with much left to accomplish. We expect to accept contributions from new authors. Our goal is to obtain consensus on the best possible restricted thread programming model to incorporate into the next generation of standards for Real Time Java. Contributions can take the form of new plugins (timing grammars, schedulers, distributers, or tracing packages), new front-end tools, or improvements to the framework itself.

The Flexible Task Graphs open source codebase was developed at IBM (or under research agreements with IBM) starting from the older Exotasks code base. It is being made available by IBM under the Eclipse Public License. Code was written by Joshua Auerbach and Jesper Honig Spring, with design guidance from David Bacon, Jan Vitek, and Rachid Guerraoui, and reflecting earlier design guidance on the Exotask system from Christoph Kirsch. Flexible Task Graphs are a unification of four previous programming models, so the authors of those models can all be counted as having influenced the present model. Here are pointers to the papers describing the original models that influenced this work.

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